Cigarettes & Coffee

from by Loudog

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Cigarettes and Coffee, sunday morning is a wasteland i feel as if i got hit by a truck when i wake up but that‘s ok‚ cause i‘m alive we‘re having scars as trophies we‘re always broke due to bad payment but i never said that i regret and as a fact i wouldn‘t even if i died i wonder why do i do this i‘m covered with bruises my lungs are aching and my ears are numb one might assume it‘s just blatantly stupid but i won‘t stop to live my life as a stunt cause that‘s what i like to do the music and the groove and lou will find the proof that you‘re designed to move hallelujah god bless this band if he‘s too busy to save the world we do the best we can again and again now i‘m advising you to take your dancing shoes and then i would like you to come to the dance and move and i hope that you then start to understand why this is what we do it gives a lot to you and you might stop to think that we‘re just crazy fools and though that may be true we would be saving you that‘s what we‘re meant to do cigarettes and coffee that‘s all left in the end and i hope that it was worth it in the end


from Kito, released January 1, 2010




Loudog Braunschweig, Germany

Make sure you’re wearing your dancing shoes, because this dog will make you move your feet!
Influenced by ska, reggae and punk music, LOUDOG is taking their listeners on a wild journey through different genres and styles.

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